Internet Saftey

Parent Information Internet Saftey Digtial Footprint/Digital Citizenship Cyberbullying/Cyberstalking

Privacy and Internet Saftey

Common Sense Media-Parent

Common Sense Parent Concerns

Google Family Saftey Center

Guide to Smartphone Saftey


Teaching Children about Digiatl Footprints

Chatting with Kids about Being

Internet Matters Parent Age Guides-0-5

Internet Matters Parent Age Guides-6-10

Internet Matters Parent Age Guides-11-13

Internet Matters Parent Age Guides 14

Teaching Kids to be Smart about Social Media


National Crime Prevention Council

Top 10 Internet Saftey Rules &

What Not to Do Onlie

Internet Saftey Guide for Kids

Enough is Enough

Teens and Tech: TheNew Landscape


Chatting with Kids About Being Online

Internet Saftey Tips

Internet Saftey in the Classroom

Region II Internet Saftey in the Classroom

Your Digitral Footprint Matters

Your Digital Footprint

What's your Digital Footprint?

12 Tips to Mangage your Digital Footprint

Measure your Digital Footprint

Having a Postive Digital Footprint

Understanding Digital Citizenship

Why is Digital Citizenship Important?

Digital Cizienship is More Importnat than Ever

9 Basic Rules for Digital Citenzship

20 Rules for Digital Citenship

Digital Citizenship Skills

What are Cyberbullying, Trolling, and Cyberstalking

What is the Difference between Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking


Prevent Cyberbullying

Stop Bullying

Cyberbullying: What Kids Can Do

Cyberbullying Research Center


Who to Call

What is Cyberstalking


Cyberstalking: Stratgies to Take Back the Tech

Internet Saftey Activites

Become Cyber Smart

NetSmart Kids

Webonauts -  PBS Kids 

McGruff - The Crime Dog

Safety Land - A. T. & T.

Professor Garfield -  Infinite Learning Lab

Be Internet Awsome with Google BrainPop Online Saftey

 Gamequarium - Internet Safety                

MediaSmarts Education Games




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