Our staff

Is committed and dedicated to inspiring each student by name and need as well as each other. Together we are committed to the success of each student and NCS. To email a staff member click on their name please.

Central Office
Dee Dee McCullough Chief Executive Officer
Alicia Harvin Data Coordinator
Ann Harris Human Resource
Jeanna Wheat Food Service Supervisor
Monica Waasdorp Special Ed Coordinator
Heather McDaniel IT/Technology Coordinator
Cody Nobles Transportation Coordinator
Jonathan Hall Public Relations Manager
Candi Brumfield Executive Assistant
Dee Dee McCullough Principal
Steve Sanders Assistant Principal of Discipline
Missy Varnado School Test Coordinator
Cerrissa Blackburn Social Worker
Rebecca Crain Instructional Coach - ELA
Kristie Pittman Instructional Coach - Mathematics
Special Education
Buffy Williams Speech Therapy
Terri McClendon Special Education - Inclusion
Shalin Wood Special Education - Middle School ELA
Sarah Willis Special Education - Self Contained K - 2nd
Kristie Fraught Special Education - Middle School Math
Dr. Harold Lucky Special Education - 4th and 5th grade
Melissa Kennedy Special Education - Self Contained 4th - 8th
Elementary Faculty
Bridget Knight Kindergarten
Brooke Green Kindergarten
Deanna Brown First Grade
Jennifer Eskue First Grade
Haley Lambdin Second Grade
Shelby Temples Second Grade
Amy Jenkins Third Grade - ELA/Social Studies
Natalie Dodds Third Grade - Math/Science
Casey Bond Fourth Grade - ELA/Social Studies
Carly Temples Fourth Grade - Math/Science
Ariane Brumfield Fourth Grade - Science/Social Studies
Bianca Jenkins Fifth Grade - Math
Denney Berry Fifth Grade - ELA
Royanna Morris Fifth Grade - Science/Social Studies
Misty Dickens Elementary P.E.
Julie Brock Creative Movement
Summer Stewart Gifted/Talented Art
Middle School Faculty
Rebecca Ponthieux English - 6th grade
Megan Hebert English- 7th & 8th grade
Daniel Keaton Math - 6th & 7th grade
Stephanie Pigott Math - 7th & 8th grade
Frank Martin Social Studies- 6th - 8th grade
Mel Hall Science - 6th - 8th grade
Martin Gray P.E./Health - 6th - 8th grade
Joy Stevenson Nurse
Jenny Stewart Nurse
Ashley Nobles Parent Facilitator
Tresa Perry Alternative/ISS
Tana Kimble Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Robin Miller Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Kalin Lindsey Paraprofessional
Shannon Jenkins Paraprofessional
Terri Crowe Special Ed Paraprofessional
Keely Jefferson Special Ed Paraprofessional
Nanette Jackson Special Ed Paraprofessional
Tiffanye Pigott Intervention Paraprofessional
Janet Scott Intervention Paraprofessional
Elizabeth Sumrall Food Service
Arlene Magee Food Service
Joanne Jones Food Service
Melissa Keating Food Service
Derrick Sanders Maintenance
Cody Nobles Transportation
Calvin Wheat Transportation
Ashley Nobles Transportation
Belinda Ikerd Transportation
Ashley Wheat Transportation